Frontend Developer Mehmet A.

Hello Everyone

Everything is designed.But few things arewell designed.

I am developing projects as a Software & Web Design (Frontend Developer), you can contact me for more.

Web Design

I take care to make the most modern designs and unusual designs.


I take care to code in accordance with search engines

Coding Status

I complete the design by writing clean and understandable code with comment lines.

Mock-up and Utilities

IU & UX designs allow me to create a design within the design with programs such as photoshop and illustrator that I use.

My Skills

Let's talk about myself briefly

I graduated from Kırklareli University Electrical Technician department in July 2020, but my pleasure in making a website with coding, which I am engaged in as a hobby, attracted me to different fields. At first, I only made a profit from this for pleasure, then I did a few projects as a Freelancer, and now I started the software part, I learned HTML5 CSS BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript, WordPress and learned graphic programs along with it. These; Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator programs helped me a lot to create a design within a design, because it gave me the freedom to edit every part the way I wanted, now I believe that I can find this freedom in the codes. As a person who has made a habit of learning my knowledge and new coding languages ​​on Udemy, by actively following seminars, webinars, lectures and commentary programs, I am a researcher, not doing my best, but pursuing what I can, in order to develop myself further in this field in order to realize my young entrepreneurial projects. I take firm steps forward with my personality.

A Few Projects I Have Done

Project 1

CBS Tegel İmport

I designed the website of a construction material company based in Belgium. Our priority on the website was for customers to be able to navigate easily and see the quality of the material applied. We have done a nice project in web design by doing the same way.

Project 2

Kumbahçe Garden Furnitures

Kumbahçe Mobilyaları wanted a web design and content management that reflects the work they do in the same way, according to the demands of the company, which is a modern, stylish and classic-loving furniture exporter in Izmir. At this stage, my work was to create a simple and elegant web design. Of course, we also included improvements in a good work and content distribution, accessibility and SEO rankings. We have done a good job by handing over the project to them.

Project 3


We made a small and cute web design, I discovered the shapes of the products sold and how beautiful and different content can come from a board while designing this website. It was a website that I had so much fun while designing. Together with Miramcraft, we have achieved a beautiful design work.

Here are some statistics about me

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